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NW Renew

NW Renew restores foundations by providing disaster recovery relief services to qualified survivors through safe, sanitary, and secure housing. 

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NW Renew Building Program 

 When tragedy strikes, whether it is a single household or an entire community, both our team volunteers, local businesses and community-based organizations are working diligently to bring diverse support in its many forms. Members of NW Renew, including the Chairman and Program Director has been working diligently to address the unmet needs of our 2020 Wildfire Survivors and have partnered with the Clackamas County Wildfire Recovery Group to provide new homes for the vulnerable population that lack needed funds and or the ability to recover on their own. 


NW Renew partners with survivors who have lost their primary dwellings and are unable to recover from a disaster without substantial assistance. Our mission is to repair or replace primary dwellings due to a personal or federal disaster and will either remodel or rebuild based upon the nature of the loss or provide some or all the below program support. 

The rebuilding program includes but is not limited to: 

  • Mud-out, or Ash-out sifting

  • Temporary home protection for an after a storm event 

  • Trauma informed emotional spiritual care

  • Program benefits placement 

  • Tiered support based upon survivor vulnerability and resilience

  • Damage assessment

  • Repair estimates

  • Assistance with insurance repair or rebuilding submittals 

  • Assistance with building plans

  • Permit submittals

  • Gap Funding 

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For More information Contact NW Renew Here 

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