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Transformation Strategies is an all encompassing network with community based solutions by providing wrap-around services with short and long term transitional living opportunities, emotional and spiritual care, disaster recovery relief, and care for women that have experienced sexual exploitation. 

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Transformation Strategies is collaboration between different nonprofits that are sharing a common vision of seeing transformation of places and people in the Pacific Northwest and the Portland metro area. 

Portland Sanctuary Homes

The mission of Portland Sanctuary homes is to provide sanctuary, and healing in a nuclear family for women in Portland that have experienced sexual exploitation.


Day Strike

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Assisting homeless individuals and families with physical, environmental, emotional, spiritual, and interpersonal life skills needs, for the purpose of establishing independence in a successful, contributory lifestyle, and to provide a catalog of service references for possible future and current needs.

We believe at Day Strike, being imprisoned and being sick not only refers to a lock up facility and physical illness, but also by people being imprisoned by their lifestyle and habits, or by their emotional, spiritual, and physical condition.  Whenever possible, clients will be redirected, referred, and taken to a long term facility designed to overcome addictions and equip clients to go back into the mainstream of society.

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